Losing your job can be a difficult time in your life but the key is to not get overwhelmed. The most important thing is to not dwell on the negativity and instead learn and grow from the experience. Remember these important tips to remain financially stable and mentally sound.

  1. File for Unemployment

    Eligibility varies by state but look into applying for unemployment. The benefits may be significantly less than what your salary was, however it will help you get by while searching for a new job.

  2. Reflect

    Take some time to think about what happened. Were you let go because the company was making cutbacks? Or was it because your work performance wasn’t up to par? If it was based off your work performance, think of how you could have been a more valuable team player. If it was because the company was making cutbacks, job search for companies that are doing well in today’s market. Reflecting helps you learn and excel even more in your next position.

  3. Rework Your Budget

    Since your primary source of income is gone you will need to rework your budget and eliminate any unnecessary expenses. Limit eating out and make meals at home, wash your car yourself instead of paying for it and cut back on other areas This will allow you more breathing room while you search for another job. Take a look at your necessary expenses as well; are there any discounts or promotions going on for your internet or phone providers? Take a look at your savings account and your emergency savings and figure out how long you can make it last.

  4. Job Hunting

    Treat seeking out a new job as your full-time job. New jobs are posted daily so you don’t want to miss out. Your top priority is finding a steady job to pay the bills. What might also help you stay financially stable is to take on a part-time job until you find something.

  5. Network

    Start reaching out to people you know in your professional network and let them know you are job hunting. You don’t know what doors might open because of this. Also attending networking events to meet new people is a great idea. You could meet the person that finds you your next great job!

Being unemployed is a tough time in your life but don’t get discouraged. Keep sending out resumes and going to interviews, be patient because eventually, you will get a job.

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