Multitasking with Mobile Deposit
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Multitasking with Mobile Deposit

It’s been such a crazy week at work. It’s a relief the weekend is finally here. Maybe you’ll text your buddy Josh, see if he wants to chill. You pour yourself a bowl of cereal while debating plans for later. Just as you’re about to chow down, you see it! The check you meant to deposit last week, dang totally spaced!

Since you have a minute to spare might as well use Mutual 1st Federal’s mobile deposit app, save the trip to the credit union all together.

1. Log into the app. (If this is your first time using the app, you need to set the ‘secret’ password up in your online banking. Otherwise, the ‘account’ and ‘password’ lines will be the same login as your online banking.)

2. Once you’re in, you see the quick balances at the top and decide this check will go in your ‘primary share’ account. You click ‘remote deposit’ at the bottom. 

3. Under ‘select account’ drop down to select the account you want. Then the ‘DeposZip’ icon will highlight, click on it.

4. The DeposZip app will pop up. Click ‘deposit’ at the bottom of the screen.

5. You take a picture of the front of your check.

6. Then a picture of the back. Please make sure you are placing the appropriate endorsement on the back of your check: "For Deposit Only at MFFCU via DeposZip" along with date and signature.


7. Verify the amount is correct. Then tap ‘submit deposit.’

8. Then you will see your check in the history. (If you’re new to remote deposits the first 3 deposits will go to ‘review’. Those will be verified by a credit union employee and then go to ‘history’ like the others. Please don’t resubmit the check.)

That’s it, easy and the best part you didn’t even change out of your pajamas. Then your phone buzzes, text from Josh seeing what your plans are for the day. Better go shower.

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