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Personal Loan Solutions


Loans aren’t just for cars and homes anymore. Mutual 1st Federal respects our members’ individual lifestyles, and has an affordable loan unique to meet the needs of each member. Unsecured personal loans or lines of credit can be used for just about anything – a wedding, a vacation, a brighter smile, a vehicle break-down, or even debt consolidation. 

Our unsecured personal loans and personal lines of credit require just your signature to borrow, and often times have a lower rate than credit cards or payday loans.

Personal Loan Financing

  • Unsecured personal loans borrow based on your credit with no collateral
  • Predetermine the amount of the loan
  • Fixed, affordable payments
  • Easy payments using automatic transfers (ACH) from your checking account
  • Low cost loan payment protection available

Personal Lines of Credit Financing

  • Unsecured personal lines of credit borrow based on your credit with no collateral
  • Access the funds as you need them
  • Repayment starts 30 days after funds are accessed
  • Pay off your line of credit and use it again when needed
  • Easily access your line of credit with a cash advance to your Mutual 1st Federal account or by check

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