Credit Union in Omaha, NE technology upgrade
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Technology Upgrade

You want banking without a lot of effort, right? Personal finance can be challenging enough, you don't need your bank to make it harder on you. Well, let's make this easy-peasy and cut right to it...

We're upgrading our processing systems that allow us to more seamlessly provide banking solutions to you. So basically, our back end systems are getting a makeover. (And it's a big one.)

So how does this affect you?

In order to make the upgrade, we need to take our systems down for a weekend. But don't panic - your money will be safe!  You'll still be able to spend your money, pay your bills and buy the things you need.

Fully Available During the Upgrade:

You shouldn't have any disruption in spending your money.

debit and credit cards, ATMs

During the technology upgrade weekend, your money is secure and available to spend.

  • Your debit and credit cards will be fully available for purchases or paying bills.
  • ATMs are fully accessible. Withdraw cash or submit a deposit via an ATM.

Services NOT Available During the Upgrade

During the upgrade we'll be closed and you won't have access to your accounts online or through the mobile banking app.

Our systems will be unavailable Friday, January 17th at 5:30pm through Monday, January 20th.

(Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the 20th and financial institutions are closed.)


branches, shared branches, call center, mobile & online

The following services will be affected:
  • Branches will be closed over the weekend and Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
  • Your account via shared branching will not be available during the technology upgrade
  • Our call center and automated telephone service will be closed Friday at 5:30pm until we open on Tuesday at 8:00am
  • Online and mobile banking will not be available. Check your balances and make any transfers prior to 5:30pm on Friday, January 17th.
So you can consider it taking a break from managing your finances over the weekend!

that means more money to you

If you have a Kasasa account, you'll automatically qualify for your rewards in the month of January.

  • If you have Kasasa Cash, you'll see a partial payout on January 17th. The rest of your dividends will be in your account on January 31st.
  • If you have a Kasasa Cash Back or Kasasa Tunes account, your rewards will be deposited into your account on January 31st.
  • ATM refunds for all Kasasa accounts will be paid out on January 31st.

And if you don't already have a Kasasa account, check them out here.

So what do you need to do now?

Not much! Just before the upgrade weekend, you'll want to check your balance and transfer money between your accounts the days before January 17th. 

  • So tell Google or Siri to set a reminder on your phone
  • Ask Alexa to remind you that week
  • Write it on your calendar
  • Put a sticky note on your desk
Basically, make your life easier so you don't forget. And check out the FAQ's below for more details.


What is the technology upgrade?

What is the upgrade?
How will the upgrade benefit me?
Why make this upgrade?

What will be closed during the upgrade weekend?

Online and Mobile banking?
Mobile deposits?
Bill Pay?
Call Center?
Shared Branching?

What will be available during the upgrade weekend?

Can I use my debit and credit cards?
If I lose my debit or credit card during the closed weekend, what do I do?

Will anything look different?

Online and mobile banking login?
Dividend payments?

What will remain the same?

Account number?
Will my scheduled transfers in online banking continue to work?
Will my loan payment be processed during this upgrade period?
Will there be a delay in receiving my statement?
Are my funds safe and secure?
Is my personal and financial information safe and secure?

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