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Let's put our hearts together!

#AWorldofHearts - we're in this together

We’re all in this together. This phrase has never held more meaning for the world and our communities than it does right now. We’ve taken many steps to help you, our members, but a key fabric of our DNA is helping those in our community who need us most.

That's why we're so moved by the global movement of #AWorldofHearts, where people and businesses are putting hearts on their windows to symbolize the strength of us truly all being in this together. We wanted to get in on the movement, so the doors of both of our branches are covered in hearts, serving as a constant reminder to you and us that we are all in this together. 


But, we wanted to do more than just show you these hearts – we wanted to reach out with our hearts to help others who are really struggling right now. We recognize that each person and organization is taking on unique challenges due to this crisis. It was hard to decide who to help when we heard and saw so many stories of people in need. 

In the end, we received a message from our long-standing charitable partner, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the Midlands that made the decision for us.

This important organization does essential work for the children in our community and, as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, is in a never-before faced position of cutting many crucial programs for these children, due to a lack of funding.

That's why we've donated $2,000 to Big Brother, Big Sisters of the Midlands.



The power of community...

We know our members have heart. After all, you've trusted us - a local not-for-profit credit union - with your money. So we're asking you to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters with us today. Every person has the ability to make an impact and no donation is too small. Join us in supporting those who need it most.

We know our entire community will be stronger if we work together through this pandemic.


Fill out the form below, and we will process your donation request within 48 hours. Thank you for your contribution!

Spread #AWorldofHearts!

Create window art of your own. Use colorful paper, markers, glitter, whatever creative tool you can think of to draw hearts and write messages of hope. You can even use this cut out to get you started, click here. Let's see our window decorations as a reminder that even though we're socially distanced we're still in this together. We encourage you to then post a picture tagging us on social media and #aWorldofHearts. We can't wait to see what you make!

If you have the power to do some good. Join us!

Community is everything. Especially in times like these.

People helping people. It's what we stand for and why we're here. 

COVID-19 is affecting every part of our community. We're doing our part to help you - our members. From loan extensions to deferred payments, emergency loans and skip-a-pays, our employees are working daily to help you through financial hardship.

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